In my previous post I underlined the fact that trench can be a good coat for a very large sphere of people… well, in this presentation video of, Burberry does exactly the same, but his focus is on different professions people do.


It’ s not important the way you are, your feelings about fashion, your age, your sex, or your profession….trench suits everyone.

Depending on how you chose it, it gives you a different stlye.

I want to show you just some examples…

Kids or adult:

Female or male:

Sporty or elegant:

For a walk or with high heels:

Both for VIPs and common people:



Depending on the model, we can wear the coat in different ways, and our style will be anytime different!

Classical: the one who suits with every outfit, from tailleur, shirt with smart trousers, the blouse with jeans and loafers, until the intweed dresses.

Short: up upon the knees. Resumed the lively mood of the ‘60s.

Oversize:  with wide sleeves and ankle-length. Allure 70s, austere but contemporary.

New mood: From the most minimalist to the most elaborate. There are bicolor or the more bizarre fantasies,

balloon, puffed sleeves with extra-large, no collar or studded with buttons and zippers.

Do not forget the waterproof fabrics under the rain, or those glossy and metalized.

I’ m really fascinated about what I can see here in Milan.

Few days ago, walking throught Corso di Porta Ticinese, I saw a lot of young guys with a very original style, defenetly not classical. To make the idea I could tell you to imagine the young artist, eclectic and easy. Getting closed to Duomo, the target of people begins to change, and the more we walk to Montenapoleone, the more we see men and women strutting in haute couture dresses.

Well, probably you are thinking that there’ s nothing new in that. You are absolutely right, but I think it’ s quite strange that the young eclectic guy I saw in Ticinese and the middle age businessman I saw in San Babila had exactly the same kaki Burberry trenchcoat. But this is just one example. I also saw a woman very involved with its Blackberry, and a blond 20 years girl with it.

Thinking about clothes, it’ s a very peculiar characteristic. Often, it’ s not the way we put it on, but the fact we own something that tells something about us, or about our status. If we are not engaged with the fashion system, we don’ t want people to think we are, so we don’ t want to wear the last pair of shoes from Prada or the new eye rings from Chanel. On the other side, if we are going to work, the way we are dressed is not from a casual choise. We have to be treated. Trench suits for both these situations.

I think trench is loved from these different kind of people, with so different tastes, styles, and lifes, for the fact there is a far story behind it. Depending on how we wear it, we can communicate the idea of an expensive coat, and walking showing to all we are very proud to own it, or we can underline the easy to wear cut it has, and the vintage side of it, walking as we are wearing the coat we found near the door just a second before leaving.

“Art of the Trench” is Burberry’s latest social media endeavor with social networking functionality. The site, celebrates the “iconic” Burberry trench coat through a vast collection of photos that show their trench prominently on individuals in the real world settings – the streets. Burberry will invite site users to submit their own portraits to feature on the site, creating a body of images reflecting personal trench coat style across the globe. Visitors to the site will be able to favourite and comment on the portraits and share these over their own existing social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

For the launch of the site, Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey commissioned a collection of photographs of trench coats wearers taken by photographer Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. For this first collaboration, Scott has been capturing street portraits of people in Burberry trench coats in London, Milan, New York, Paris, Berlin, Sao Paulo and Venice over the last few months. Here I show just some examples of photos taken in Milan.

Bailey said: “ celebrates our iconic trench coat, capturing the emotional connection behind our distinctive outerwear heritage. Everybody has a different story related to their coat or the first time they came into contact with one – I love the idea that people from all over the world can share those stories and images with each other and all the different attitudes and expressions of the Burberry trench coat and the people who wear it.”

Not still a military uniform, the trench coat has become a cornerstone of the twenty-first century wardrobe, a kind of chic yet classic envelope that perfectly balances form and function. From linen to leather, the stylish evolution of this outerwear icon in design and fashion is explained in The Trench Book-by Assouline: the mystique of a private investigator’s coat, the sinister allure of the leather trench, the ultra-sexy sheath with nothing underneath. Produced with the help of the traditional trench brand, Aquascutum, this book is richly illustrated and seriously documented with interesting facts, visiting the heyday of this classic through film, fashion, history, and many contemporary heroes.



The trench coat came back stronger these past years than ever and style details by this all time classic have influenced not only jackets, but entire collections. While time has passed, the iconic trench coat remains a prominent fashion staple for many men and women.

It’ s funny to think about the evolution of the image it has. From the military use, it passed through a period when it was the symbol of a poor person, the one that cannot afford a wool coat end so had to buy the trench coat, definitely less expensive. Well, it’ s not the case today!!!

How is trench related to the collective imaginary today? Well, now it is a status symbol. Far from the cheaper coat we can can buy, it now has reached high prices and the idea it gives is the one of a business man. Very very interesting. The role of cinema has a great importance in that, as you can see in my previous post.